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Rough Surface

FW22 - Alter Ego

Robyn Elysee FW22 - Alter Ego collection is the very first full collection based off the alter ego of the designer her self featuring 13 looks with more than 30 pieces. The secondary energy of the designer gravitates more towards the usage of a dark color pallet while also showing expression of rage and edgy behavior in the pieces it self. 



Stylist: Alia Ssemakula

Photographer: Bolu Kilanko

Asistant / Videographer: Cow6oyy


LOOK 1 - Love Is Like A Bomb

Robyn E - Dolly Chocker
Robyn E - Wide Leg Trousers
Robyn E - Ruffle Train Tank
Robyn E - Organza Cropped Turtleneck Top


LOOK 2 - Edgy Afair

Robyn E - Low Rise Pants Black
Robyn E - Organza Turtleneck Top 
Robyn E - Bralette Of Strings


LOOK 3 - Demolition Babe

Robyn E - Balaclava Top
Robyn E - Heavy Metal Chaps



LOOK 4 - Sugar Me Sweet

Robyn E - Low Rise Puff Trousers
Robyn E - Brown Mesh Panel Top
Robyn E - Dolly Chocker
Robyn E - Rib Knit Bralette



LOOK 5 - Dark Saccharine

Robyn E - Hardware Vinyl Thong
Robyn E - Organza Saccharine Dress


LOOK 6 - Damsel In Distress

Robyn E - Gauze Of String Bralette
Robyn E - Wide Leg Burlap Pants


LOOK 7 - Dark Divinity

Robyn E - Vinyl Mini Skirt
Robyn E -
Spidey Mesh Top
Robyn E - Vinyl Plate Vest


LOOK 8 - Cataclysmic 

Robyn E - Elysee Balloon Top
Robyn E - Low Rise Pants Brown


LOOK 9 - Emerald Fantasy

Robyn E - Emerald Pencil Skirt 
Robyn E - Emerald Lace Up Bandeau
Robyn E - Dolly Lace Chocker


LOOK 10 - Distressed Metal

Robyn E - Distressed Balloon Top
Robyn E - Distressed Mini Skirt

IMG_0735 (1).jpeg

LOOK 11 - Drastic Ink

Robyn E - Gauze Of String Bralette
Robyn E - Sorrow Pencil Skirt 
Robyn E - Lace Dolly Chocker


LOOK 12 - Emo Ordeal


Robyn E - Low Rise Sugar Pants 
Robyn E - Gauze Of Asymmetrical Longline

LOOK 13 - Dingy Desire

Robyn E - Distressed Suit Jacket
Robyn E - Distressed Mini Skirt

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